Vodka Tasting

Tasting: Clubber’s Choice Round 1

Welcome to another Vodka Valley vodka tasting write-up. This week revisited a few of our favorites, as we thought it would be a good idea to put together a few of the vodkas we find when hitting the town up against each other. Let’s face it, a lot of vodka companies market themselves as ‘premium’ […]

Vodka Reviews

Review: Tovaritch! Vodka

Tovaritch means comrade in Russian, and so we find Tovaritch¬†Vodka to actually befit it’s name. It’s a wonderful companion for any vodka enthusiast, and is warm and welcoming to all. We recently had the pleasure of receiving two bottles from Ralph’s Wines & Spirits courtesy of Tovaritch & Spirits. Tovaritch¬†hails from St. Petersburg, and is […]