Vodka Tasting

Tasting: Can You Identify a Russian Vodka from a Non-Russian Vodka?

Could you tell the difference between a Russian and non-Russian vodka simply by taste? That’s what we set to find out last Wednesday at the very first Vodka Valley tasting event. Most true-born Russian’s claim that Russian vodka is the ONLY vodka worth drinking. But is it something that you could really tell by taste alone? […]

Vodka News

News: Stranded Elephants Survive on Vodka

In a wonderfully warm story that broke out over the weekend, the RIA reported that two circus elephants drank vodka to help them survive when their trailer caught fire in the freezing Russian winter. To make matters worse, the elephants were in Siberia, en route to a show in the town of Omsk. In an effort to […]


How-To: Drink Vodka Like a Russian

 Vodka and Russia are pretty much inseperable entities in the minds of most people. While it’s still debatable whether Russia was the birthplace of vodka, there’s no doubt it’s the one country most closely related with the wonderful drink. It’s a sad fact then that most people (unless you happen to be Russian, in which case […]


Mixology: The Vodka Martini

Today’s cocktail is a lost classic. You don’t really see too many people ordering it anymore these days, but it’s one of those timeless cocktails that is instantly recognizable. The Vodka Martini, also known as a Vodaktini or a Kangaroo. Martini purists will balk if you ever order one in their presence – a Martini […]